Vidigueira is a town located in the District of Beja, Alentejo. It is the main municipality, subdivided into four civil parishes: Pedrógão, Selmes, Vidigueira and Vila de Frades.

The municipality of Vidigueira is located in the heart of the Alentejo, on the border of the Baixo and the Alto Alentejo, between Beja and Évora. It is bordered by the Serra do Mendro to the North, the Guadiana River to the East and the plains stretching as far as the eye can see to the South and West.

It is in this harmonious intersection of hills, plains and river that the diversity and exceptional character of these lands are based on, where the crops, orchards, orange groves, vineyards, olive groves and fields of grain proliferate, which give rise to recognised quality products, projecting the Vidigueira name cross-boarders.

Winemaking and olive-growing appear as determinant factors of the municipality’s economic prosperity, because they undertake the territory’s economic basis. The prestigious excellence in the production of wine and olive oil is responsible for the development of agribusinesses whose degree of specialization confers them a role of great importance in the context of the municipality and the Alentejo region. The qualification of those sectors is anchored in the designation of origin regarding the production of quality wines and olive oils to which other agricultural products join in, such as cheese, smoked sausages, honey, among others.

Enotourism is reflected as a booming activity in the municipality of Vidigueira, equipped with wineries with conditions for receiving wine lovers and connoisseurs and that allow a visit to production facilities, the participation in grape harvesting and the wine tastings.

In the municipality’s historical richness the influences of the Catholic Church are striking. Among the valuable heritage of the town of Vidigueira is the Igreja da Misericórdia, the Igreja de S. Francisco, the Torre do Relógio, the Torre de Menagem and the hermitages of Santa Clara, São Pedro and São Rafael. The village has in Vasco da Gama, to whom the County of Vidigueira was granted in 1519, its main historical figure who, unlike anyone else, knew how to globalize and disseminate the adventure of discovery in the world.


Regional Gastronomy

The Mediterranean heritage and civilization of the different cultures that built the history of County bequeathed us wealth and significant cultural diversity reflected also in traditional cuisine.

The excellence of the products that the earth offers, tempered by ancestral know-how which made the famous Alentejo cuisine evolve, provide an unmistakable symphony of products, flavors, aromas and emotions.

The bread, olive oil, wine, meat and fish from the river, associated with the scents of herbs exalt and defy the highest sensitivity of our palates and convert the tasting experiences into authentic endless adventures.

Starting with the tapas and ending with the desserts, we can navigate through river fish soups, pining for the garlic bread stew, take delight in the lamb ‘à pastora’, dream of a good partridge or a hare with white beans or smell the aroma and unusual flavor of the cilarcas (mushrooms) or let us be lead by the scent of hot bread out of the wood oven and, with this gift, we add the olive oil and relish in a tiborna (stew in a loaf of bread).

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