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Vidigueira Winelands is an association and a brand that is born from the firm willingness of six of the region’s wine producers to create a joint project for the promotion of their products and their region, in order to increase their notoriety, both at a national and an international level.

Thus, the Vidigueira Winelands Association (VWL) brings the following producers together: Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, Casa Agrícola HMR – Herdade do Monte da Ribeira, Herdade Grande, Paço dos Infantes – Herdade da Lisboa, Quinta do Quetzal and Ribafreixo Wines, and the Vidigueira Town Hall, as an Honorary Member, and they all propose to contribute to the socio-economic development of the municipality. Vidigueira’s precious asset and one that it intends to stimulate, whether nationally or internationally, is the ‘terroir’ of this region that uniquely and indelibly marks the nectars produced therein.

The schist and granite soils are identified as having unique conditions for the production of superior quality white wines. In fact, wine is the great economy lever of a singular County under its conditions for producing wines of excellent quality.

In addition to an integrated promotion of the wines and the region, the Association’s intentions also include the promotion of the uniqueness of the region’s terroir, by creating a seal of guarantee of authenticity and for creating a model of enotourism to emphasize the Vidigueira region as a wine and gastronomic destination of choice.



Encourage partnership working, contributing to the success of the associates, in order to value the Vidigueira wines and enhance its reputation among consumers.



Quality, Excellence and Innovation



Our mission is to enable Vidigueira to be seen and considered as an enotourism destination of choice. We bet on the structuring and integration of the various elements that contribute to the competitiveness and development of the offer of wine and tourism sectors in the region, either in its entirety or in individual terms.

Taking into account that the consumer market seeks differentiation, personality and character in the offer, the Alentejo, although widely renowned, both at a national and an international level, has not yet expressed all the uniqueness of its subregions, as is the case of Vidigueira, therefore, there’s an urgent need to promote and enhance one of the hallmarks of this subregion, such as the typical and noble “Antão Vaz” caste.

Regardless of the style and positioning of each of the founding producers of VWL, there is a common objective: the commitment to principles of excellence, which this association aims to strengthen, inter alia, in the exploitation of synergies between its members.



  • Promote the wine products of the Vidigueira winemaking sub-region, in Portugal and abroad;
  • Ensure, in its production and marketing activities, the respect for the basic principle of the product’s guarantee of authenticity and quality;
  • Promote combined actions, particularly in the field of the market promotion of its products and services;
  • Ensure due support to the development dynamics of tourism units connected to the concept of sub-region winemaking;
  • Highlight the Vidigueira region as an enotourism and gastronomic destination of choice;
  • Appreciation and promotion of the Antão Vaz caste.

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