The “QUINTA DO QUETZAL” is located in the heart of Baixo Alentejo, on the Vidigueira foothills. Nearby, one can find the oldest Roman wine cellar of the Iberian Peninsula.

Here the grapes grow in fertile soil where the shale predominates. Its limited production, focused on quality, permits the producing of wines that express the region’s character. The modern winery preserves the ancient traditions and techniques of Roman and Alentejo wine production. The grapes are fed into the winery, by the natural action of pure gravity, and transformed into excellent wines. The cellars are located deep beneath the earth in order to create a naturally cool temperature where the grapes can grow old gradually.

Visit Quinta do Quetzal and enjoy a unique experience.

The Quetzal Art Centre, an exhibition space for contemporary art, is located in a historically rich region, far from the bustling art world. The program seeks to attract not only a specific type of audience, but also a broader, more curious audience. It is driven by a desire to test the purpose of art outside the traditional commercial circuits.

In the restaurant you can enjoy impressive views of the property. The garden surrounding the restaurant displays a combination of native plants and the numerous and various herbs and flowers that are used in the dishes.

The shop offers a great selection of art and design books, local products and, of course, wine.

The family owners, Cees and Inge de Bruin, collectors and sponsors of contemporary art, maintain a strong connection to Portugal for over 40 years. The Quinta do Quetzal project expresses passion for culture, nature, gastronomy and Portuguese wines and it’s something they want to share. For the owners, the Quinta do Quetzal “carries the memories and the stories of the Alentejo wine production to the new generations, told in each bottle of wine, thus perpetuating this ancient tradition.

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