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The Paço dos Infantes, formerly a wine brand that belonged to the Casa Agrícola Almodôvar, emerged in the early 80’s of the 20th century by the hand of José Maria Almodôvar and the young oenologist João Portugal Ramos. Considered one of the first modern-era red wines, it obtained numerous awards and national and international distinctions. The Paço dos Infantes brand is linked to Herdade da Lisboa, a property located in the parish of Selmes, municipality of Vidigueira and has always accompanied the vines whenever they acquired new owners.

In May 2011, the Herdade da Lisboa and the Paço dos Infantes brand are purchased by the current owners, the company Enolea – Sociedade Agrícola, Lda., which integrates a group of companies with presence in agriculture (olive groves), the food industry (production, refining and packing of cooking oils and olive oils), energy production (biofuels) and logistics (transport and storage of food products). Currently, the property has 325 Ha resulting from the acquisition of adjoining plots of land.

Herdade da Lisboa has 87.3 hectares of vineyards, with white Antão Vaz castes (14.19 Ha), Arinto (7.06 Ha), Chardonnay (4.95 Ha) and Alvarinho (4.22 Ha) and with the red grape castes – Trincadeira (13.49 Ha), Aragonese (10.84 Ha), Alicante Bouschet (6.92 Ha), Touriga Nacional (5.61 Ha), Merlot (4.32 Ha), and Cabernet Sauvignon (4.17 Ha). In the years 2007, 2008 and 2009, the replanting of the vines was made. In 2015, a further 4.2 hectares were planted and the planting of over 11.7 hectares in 2016 is foreseen.

Inserted within the sub-region of Vidigueira, the vineyards of the Herdade da Lisboa are protected to the North by the Serra do Mendro, whose cliffs with an East-West exposure confer them a warmer climate and more rainfall when compared with other sub-regions of the Alentejo, even though it’s the sub-region whose location is more to the South.

The Vidigueira soils, with a predominance of schist and granite, are able to confer a certain minerality to their wines. At Herdade da Lisboa, located between the Ribeira de Selminhos to the East and the Ribeira do Freixo to the West, richer soils abound, with the potential to create unique red and white wines.

In the year 2012, while a project to revitalize the estate was being elaborated, Enolea decides to make wine out of a part of the production of grapes in a winery nearby, which motivated the launch of the Convés brand and the relaunch of the Paço dos Infantes brand.

In 2015, the first units of the agribusiness project at the Herdade da Lisboa began production, of which are an integral part: a mill for the extraction of olive oil, with a capacity to process up to 400 tons of olives/day, and a winery with a wine-making capacity of 540,000 litres of wine.

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