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Herdade do Monte da Ribeira

Portugal has a long winemaking history and tradition, with Port its most famous wine worldwide. Portugal’s table wines however, are only now being discovered abroad.
In the last 15 years Portuguese vineyards and wineries have undergone great changes in an effort to modernize and adopt the latest winemaking techniques and technologies. This tremendous investment is now bearing fruit.
Alentejo is a region in southern Portugal, famed for its hot, dry climate and renowned as a birthplace of premium wines. Herdade Monte da Ribeira, and the neighbouring terrains acquired through the years, comprises a territory of over 1000ha. These are mostly forested areas where one will find holm oaks, cork oaks and strawberry trees. The area is also the habitat of species such as hares, deer and wild boars, which can here be seen in the wild.
Due to the region’s intense dryness in the summer, several dams and ponds have been built to sustain irrigation systems for vineyards and olive groves.

Casa Agrícola HMR, the company

Originally named CADE – Companhia Agrícola de Desenvolvimento SA, the company was created by Dr. Victor Carmona e Costa, the founder and dynamic administrator of the Foundation bearing his and his wife’s name, of which he was the President of the Board of Administrators until his death in May of 2009. Dr. Carmona e Costa was responsible for the purchase of Herdade Monte da Ribeira in 1987. The Herdade is located in Marmelar, Vidigueira, a location with a centuries-old winemaking tradition dating back to Roman times and later pursued by the Knights Templar. It was the will to continue this fine tradition, as well as an intense confidence in the richness of its soils that led to the decision of making winemaking the main activity of the Herdade. CADE made considerable investments to improve water management resources, building dams on the water course running through the Herdade in order to optimize the technical conditions indispensable to the vineyards that would be later planted in 1990. CADE changed its name to Casa Agrícola HMR, SA in 2011; its current Board of Administrators is led by President Dr. José Amaro Martins Carmona e Costa and Vogals D. Maria da Graça Carmona e Costa, Eng. Álvaro Carmona e Costa Portela and Eng. Mafalda Joana de Freitas Monteiro.


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