Reto Frank Jörg / President

As President, I would first like to welcome you to the Vidigueira WineLands website.

After 2 years of activity and intense preparation for this ambitious project, I want to thank the Mayor of the Vidigueira Town Hall and the founding partners of Vidigueira Wine Lands, who have accompanied me from the very first moment on this important project as Vidigueira wine producers.

In an increasingly global and competitive market, our goal is clear: we want the Vidigueira region, our wines and other regional products of excellence, placed in a prominent position in the country’s wine and tourism map, thus achieving a level of recognition suited to their excellent quality. We wish to highlight the Vidigueira region as a wine and gastronomic destination of choice.

The Alentejo is, in terms of touristic interest, developing favorably. To prove it, the numerous opinion articles of accredited national and foreign publications that give relevant emphasis to Alentejo, placing it as a destination of choice to visit, not only for its wine and gastronomical references but also for its cultural, natural and scenic treasures; a combination of elements that the fantastic Vidigueira region has to offer.

In this sense, since 2014, we have been working in order to join efforts, receiving hundreds of journalists and Opinion Makers, giving them the chance to taste our wines and showing the cultural offer of this magnificent region. Our wines are, without a doubt, among the best of Portugal alongside the best wine regions in the world.

To support the promotion of this region, we have created the Wine Route allowing visitors to, more conveniently, be in touch with the world of wine production and contribute to the preservation of the region’s authenticity.

Vidigueira Wine Lands intends to assert itself as a reference in the promotion and development of enotourism, able to mobilize and represent the regional offer as a whole, betting on the diversification and innovation of the existing offer.

We believe that’s possible!
Once again, welcome to this project.

In vino veritas

Reto Frank Jörg / President

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